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Project Description
XDraw makes it easier for developers to create XAML vector graphics. It's developed in C# using WPF.

XDraw provides a graphical editor for XAML vector graphics, which can be saved and loaded as Canvas or DrawingImage.
For full list of features see here.

Planing for next Version has started
After some inspirational posts on the discussions board I've actually started planing the next version of XDraw, which will actually be 2.0.
The key features will be a Visual Studio Plugin and modularization, which allows to reuse the editor in your own applications.
For more Informations see Doing it all over: XDraw 2.0 or XDraw 2.0 Design documentation.

Here is a little video of the new Brush editor (features like GradientStops still missing):
BrushEditor.mp4 (about 1MB, the rectangle on the right side is a bit dissarranged, must be my recording software!?)

Please check out the new documentaion
It's still in the beginning but might help you already getting started with XDraw.

By the way: All icons in XDraw have been created with XDraw.
You can find them in the ImageDictionary.xaml (+.xdprj) file in source.

screenshot showing path editing and basic stroke and brush editor


Feature Status Version
Shape editing by drag and drop done V 1.0
Basic brush editing done V 1.0
Basic stroke editing done V 1.0
Creating new shapes done V 1.0
Support for rectangles done V 1.0
Support for paths done V 1.0
Support for ellipses done V 1.0
Support for lines done V 1.0
Save/load as Canvas done V 1.0
Save/load as DrawingImage done V 1.0
Support for text done V 1.1
Copy&Paste done V 1.1
Change Z-order of shpes done V 1.1
Zooming and scrolling done V 1.1
Manage whole image libs as XAML resource files done V 1.1
Rotating shapes planed ?
Support for composed geometries (grouping) planed ?
Enhanced gradient brush editing paned ?
Enhanced brush editing planed ?
Reusing brushes (Brush as XAML resources planed ?

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